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More info for you…

Having accepted my position over the phone yesterday, I returned home from work at BWB to find my “Employment Packet” in my inbox.  It contains the usual — health forms, what to bring, what to expect, official rules, etc.  About halfway through is a section intended “To help you find and enjoy the good life of the Florida Keys.”  I nearly started crying.  I am moving to the Florida Keys.  The Keys!  I feel so lucky.

To tell you a little more about what I’ll be doing, the place runs as an outdoor ed center during the school year, and as a residential summer camp during the summer.  They focus on marine and coastal ecology (given their location).  I’ll be living in a staff room within the student dorms and functioning as an RA during non-class time.  (http://www.nhmi.org/)

Now I just need to get my stuff together, plan the drive, and go!  I’m debating bringing a bicycle… I’d hate to have such great weather for five months and not ride, but they say everything rusts.  Perhaps bring spare chains and plan to buy my new bike when I get home??  Good excuse for the new bike, right?  (Bike friends, help me out here.)


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Got the official call today!  (Well, yesterday since it’s 1am.)  Woohoo!!

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So here I am, setting up (re-setting up?) my blog to keep you all posted on the next phase of my adventures!  Tomorrow morning I will be getting a call from SeaCamp saying that I’ve now been “officially” invited to join their staff for the spring session!  Yes, the power of positive thinking people, I will be getting this call.

As I’ve been reformatting and slightly editing the content of this blog, I’ve also re-read nearly all of my entries from my semester in Mexico almost two years ago.  I can’t believe it’s been that long!  Reading them makes me even more excited and optimistic that this will be such a great opportunity for me, and exactly the kind of thing I need in my life.  Feel free to read them by the way, it was such an amazing experience!

While I am in Florida I will have very limited internet as there is no internet access at the school itself.  I will be online only when I venture the few miles into town and use the public Wi-Fi in the plaza.  Yes, it is a small town with one grocery store on the island and a central plaza!  How fabulous.

The rules of the blog will be restated here, for your sake as well as my own:

  1. I will post as frequently as I can, given my limited internet.
  2. You will read and comment as frequently as you can because that is your role in this relationship and I will post more often and enthusiastically if I know you are reading!

Much love from Maryland, tomorrow I’ll send out this link after I get the good news!!

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