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Begun March 18:

I realized today that I hadn’t written in quite some time, so I’ll try to fill in the highlights of the last month for you.  I finally got some diving in this month now that it’s warming up!  Two weeks ago eight of us from camp went down to Key West for a couple dives and then to go out and have some fun in town.  In the morning we were supposed to be taking a test ride on BOBs (breathing observation bubbles), which are like scooters with a bubble over your head so you can breath without being scuba certified.  One of the other interns here knows someone on the BOB Dive staff so we were going to be their guinea pigs before they had real customers.  Unfortunately, the currents were too strong and we weren’t able to use them, but got invited back to try again some other time.  After lunch we went out on the dive boat for two dives at Western Sambos.  Visibility wasn’t very good, and the water was still really cold, but we saw four or five nurse sharks on the first dive and a green sea turtle on the second.  Of course, if you know me, you know that turtle made it worth it.  🙂

This week (ok, now it’s last week) I lucked out and actually had two days off in a row so I went up to Key Largo to visit friends and got in a night dive Tuesday night.  Being away from camp for two nights completely recharged my batteries and I’m feeling great and ready for my next group of kids tomorrow.

Picture:  Will, myself, and Ryan before our night dive Tuesday (3/16) night.  Clearly I was the last one in the water.  We dove the wreck of the Benwood off Key Largo; I’d love to go back there during the day.

Continued today, March 27, 2010:

Again, so sorry for never writing but things have gotten rather busy here now that training is entirely over and we’re teaching our own groups now!  This past week I had my first group solo and it went really well.  Once training is over, we started observing returning instructors, then began team-teaching with them.  Once we did that with a few groups, we team-taught with another intern.  Finally, provided we did a good job, we got to start teaching solo.  My first solo group was nine 5th and 6th grade students and three chaperones from a public charter Montessori school.  They were a wonderful group for my first time alone, and everything went as close to perfectly as it could have with such young kids.  I taught shark biology, squid dissection, fish anatomy and dissection, jellyfish lab, mangrove/coastal ecology, one boat trip to snorkel, and a campfire program.  At the end, my kids gave me the very best gift they could have given me: half a box of thin mints and some hugs.  The one chaperone who was a teacher had wonderful advice and compliments for me as well, and when the group left I was so sad to see them go.  Today I’m on first aid duty so I have lots of time to catch up on reading, write here, and relax, as long as I’m in the first aid office.


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